Cold rolling in the volume of your reasons and methods You roll refers to the mill relative to the midline position, the coil in a drift around the situation is not fixed, is a special form of deviation. You roll the reason:

1, the difference between steel strip and steel tube is the same as the difference between the maximum value and the minimum value of the strip thickness measurement purpose. Generally with the difference between the steel pipe within 0.05mm, the foundation no You roll phenomenon; the other hand, it is prone to You roll.

2, If the scraper oil scraper operation is not balanced, the lack of wind pressure, will cause the strip residual oil will inevitably remain, making the friction coefficient between the strip lower so that the move on both sides of the coil tend to be more significant to form You roll.

 3, the amount of reduction, a center, AS-U preset value of each pass the amount of the distribution of unreasonable will affect the steel strip type, general situation, easily lead to You Volume; rolling the first pass, if one The center and the AS-U default settings given inappropriate, resulting in single-sided steel strip appears, belly steel tube type, easily lead you roll.

4, showing abnormal rolling abnormal high-speed rolling showing broken belt, the tension disappeared at the moment, the city caused the coil You Juan.

5, the other before and after the tension does not match, the roller system is not appropriate to set the equipment, work rolls with taper, are easy to bring you volume.......

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