Aluminium wire 99 percent factory supply


1.containning 0.05-0.2% copper,more than 99% aluminium

2) Classification:

GB/T  3190--1996                              GB/T 10858--1989

2)  Physical properities(Approx Value):

0.2% yield strenth Rp0.2(MPa)-----25   Tensile strength Rm(MPa)----80

Elongation A5(L0=5d0)(%)------25     Test temperature(oC)---------- 20

3)  It has andvantages range over good corrosiveness,well electrical conductivity and processiveness.

4) And  it also  is a kind of best choice for colour-match after anodic process.

 useage: Widely used in the welding of aluminum structure in aviation, vehicles, ships, petrochemicals and aluminum alloy furniture.



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